Our priority rescue Emirate is Umm Al Quwain however, we do take dogs from other Emirates as space allows.

Shelter, food, love & care

We provide the best environment possible within a shelter environment. The overall wellbeing of our doggies at heart.

Volunteer Activities

We have planned, weekly, volunteer activities to ensure our doggies are exercised, socialised and loved.

Fosters & Adoptions

Fosters and adoption opportunities are essential to ensure that the doggies have a chance at life with a loving family.

Street Feeding Programme

Our street feeding programme  was established in 2013 and until this day continues. We currently have 15 feeding stations in Umm Al Quwain.

Rescue, Neuter, Release (RnR)

RnR plays a major role in preventing an increase in the stray population. We run regular RnR campaigns with a goal of 15 doggies per month.